• Do you offer a warranty?

    We take pride in providing the strongest and simplest warranty in the industry: We guarantee our product and workmanship for as long as you own your home. We’ll also be happy to transfer your warranty to the next owner, after a brief complimentary inspection and tune-up if needed.
  • Do you offer any discounts or have any coupons?

    We don’t play games by quoting you a higher price and then offering discounts. We treat our customers fairly by quoting the exact price for your installation, including material and labor. We find that we are usually very competitive with other comparable companies, especially when you factor in the attention to detail and the personal service we provide. We do typically offer 10% off any additional rooms ordered at the same time as a master closet or other larger project.
  • Why is your price higher (or lower) than another company’s?

    If you find our quote is significantly higher (or lower) than another proposal there are usually differences in the construction details, materials, or design that account for the difference. We’ll be happy to help you compare the details of various proposals and will be the first to admit it if another company can offer you something we can’t. Once we are comparing the exact same design we usually find that our pricing is similar to our competitors’. In some cases we may be a little more expensive, but our customers find we’re worth it since we give you exactly what you want, we make it easy, and we stand behind our work for as long as you own your home.
  • How is your pricing calculated?

    The computer tracks the cost of each item that is included in the design, so the pricing always reflects the current state of the design. That makes it easy to see how much of a difference it makes if, for instance, you change from plain slab drawer fronts to a raised panel design, or from a solid color to a woodgrain finish.
  • Can I make changes to the design?

    During the design process it is very easy to make changes or add or remove items to your project. Since all design work is done on the computer, elements can be re-arranged, re-sized, or replaced, or material selections can be changed with just a few mouse clicks. We encourage you to study the design and visualize where each type of clothing or storage item will be located, or how the contents of the pantry will be arranged, for instance. Think about how you will utilize each area and whether you will have easiest access to the most-often used items, and then suggest changes, as you know your own routine and lifestyle best. You can see 3D renderings of the current design, and the pricing is calculated automatically so you only get charged for what actually gets built. Once your job has been put into production or doors have been ordered, however, changes can become expensive if work has to be re-done.
  • Are the shelves and rods adjustable?

    All our shelves are adjustable, except the center fixed shelf in our tall shelf sections, for structural stability. Our hanging rods are not typically adjustable, for a good reason. Many other companies use fully line-bored panels so that they can use the same stock panels for any configuration. This results in a lot of unsightly extra unused holes. We custom manufacture each panel for its intended use, resulting in a cleaner, more custom look. Upper rods will always be near the top of the section, lower rods will be at the height specified, but any rod can be easily re-located with the addition of an extra hole or two (we’re always happy to stop by and make minor adjustments for our customers when we are in the neighborhood). Of course, since we custom design and fabricate each closet, we can include additional holes to make the rods adjustable if the client requests.
  • Can the shelving be re-arranged after it is installed?

    When we put the proper effort into a closet design, we rarely find the need to make major changes to the completed installation. Most shelves are easily adjustable using movable shelf supports, and we are always happy to provide additional shelves when requested. If, after using your new storage system, you see an area for improvement, or your needs change, we are happy to oblige. Our system uses modular parts so it is easy for us to modify or replace individual parts or sections of your closet. We want you to be happy with our work, so if you need anything, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will do our best to take care of it.
  • Do you provide Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted systems?

    Some companies specialize in either all Wall-Mounted, or all Floor-Mounted systems. We have the flexibility to provide either, or a combination of both. Our Drawer and Shelf sections typically rest on the floor for maximum storage space and strength, while we usually design hanging sections to be Wall Mounted for a more open look and to save unnecessary material and labor. In some situations such as pantries and linen closets we usually suggest starting 14” to 16” above the floor, to allow for easy cleaning of the floor and the use of the space underneath the bottom shelf for bulky items that can rest on the floor. When we do install shelves or drawers above the floor, we always add a hardwood cleat, screwed directly to the studs, under the bottom shelf for additional strength. See here for a comparison of the different construction styles available.
  • Is it really strong enough to support the weight of all my clothes?

    This is a question that should be asked more often when evaluating custom closet solutions. In many cases our clients have experienced previous issues with wire or melamine systems that have started to fail or just suddenly fallen off the wall. We utilize a ‘solid’ construction method, which combines resting the heaviest elements (drawer and shelf sections) on the floor, with reinforcing any sections that hang above the floor with multiple connectors and multiple screws into each stud. Our system is unmatched for structural strength and durability. Here’s a more in-depth article describing what to look for and what to look out for. Please visit our showroom for a personal demonstration.
  • Do you install ventilated wire shelving?

    In a word, no. We have yet to discover a situation where ventilated wire shelving is the ideal solution. However, we understand that it might make sense for a homeowner to utilize existing wire shelving in a garage or utility room, instead of discarding it. If we remove your wire shelving as part of our closet installation, we will be happy to leave it in a designated place, or remove and discard it, according to your preference.
  • What material is your system made of?

    We use all 3/4″ thick, thermally fused melamine material – the highest grade available from reputable national manufacturers. This material is the industry standard for closets and custom cabinetry, is durable and economical, and comes in a variety of pre-finished colors and wood-grains. For our doors and drawer faces, we provide a one-piece, RTF (rigid thermo-foil) front, available in a wide variety of styles and edge profiles. We do have the option to use paint-grade MDF (medium density fiberboard) or veneered hardwood plywood with solid hardwood face frames, for projects such as bookshelves and built-in cabinetry. We can also upgrade doors, drawer faces, and moldings to solid hardwoods in your choice of wood species, styles and finishes if you prefer.
  • Do you order your parts from another manufacturer or make them yourselves?

    We custom fabricate all of our parts in our own facility, using computer controlled machinery for accuracy and repeatability. This allows us the flexibility to create custom shapes or sections, and to make any modifications or repairs, or to fix the occasional mistake, expertly and quickly. In fact, we manufacture parts for other closet companies as well.
  • Do you service my area/Do you work outside the Atlanta area?

    We primarily service the metro Atlanta area, specifically within about 35 miles of our facility in Chamblee, and generally limit our free in-home consultations to that area. For projects outside that area, up to an hour or so away, we ask for a reasonable fee to cover the designer’s travel time and expenses. Alternately, we invite you to send us your dimensions (approximate is OK) and we will work with you to complete a preliminary design by phone and email. If you decide to proceed we would then come out to verify all the measurements and finalize the design.
  • How long have you been in business?

    Our company, Beacon Custom Woodwork, Inc., has been in business here in the Atlanta area since 1988, and has been building custom closets and storage systems under the name Atlanta Closet & Storage Solutions since 2004. With over 25 years experience servicing clients and building custom furniture and cabinetry, we have the expertise you can trust to complete your project efficiently and professionally.
  • Can you provide referrals?

    We have a long list of satisfied customers, and are happy to provide referrals upon request. Start with our Testimonials page, and also view our reviews on Angie’s List and houzz.com, among other sites.
  • Do you do work for businesses as well as residences?

    While the majority of our projects are for homeowners, we also have a long track record of creating storage systems and custom pieces for business, government and industry. Please inquire about any non-residential work you for which you may have a need. We are also happy to work with builders, remodelers, designers, professional organizers and other trade professionals.
  • How you would compare your melamine system with the options that Home Depot offers for their closet systems (Closet Maid).

    The Closet Maid system uses a combination of pre-configured compartments and shelves, with the shelves and rods resting on metal brackets which lock into metal standards that in turn hang from a horizontal metal mounting rail. While you could argue that their system provides more flexibility since it is fairly easy to adjust the height of a shelf or rod, or add or remove a cabinet, our fully built-in system typically provides better utilization of the available space. Our ability to provide custom sizes and shapes allows us to tailor each closet to properly fit corners or unusual angles, areas behind or above doors, or other challenging configurations, without leaving any space wasted. Our system is heavier and more substantial, with all 3/4″ thick melamine construction screwed directly into each stud in the wall, yet is similarly modular, making it possible to modify or replace any section if your needs change in the future.