Removal of Existing Shelving and Wall Prep Options

When it comes to preparing your space we’re happy to do as much or as little as you need or want us to do!   While we don’t get involved in moving or removing walls (although we can recommend a qualified contractor), we do offer a wide range of service levels from which to choose:

No tear-out or prep:

  • Owner or contractor will tear out and prep wall surfaces, or
  • New construction or addition/renovation
  • Please be sure walls are smooth and free of lumps or unsanded spackle

Basic Tear-out

  • Remove wire or simple wood shelves and dispose of, or leave in designated place
  • Spackle (two coats)
  • Ready for sanding, spot priming and painting after installation, or
  • Owner or contractor to sand and paint before installation (requires additional trip)

Patch & Touch-up

  • Remove wire or simple wood shelves and dispose of, or leave in designated place
  • Spackle (two coats)
  • Sand & spot prime
  • Touch-up paint all patched areas – please provide matching latex wall paint
  • Walls only – ceiling and/or trim at additional cost
  • Usually done same day as closet installation; larger or multiple rooms may take two or more days

Patch and Paint 

  • Same as above, plus:
  • Spackle/spot prime any other problem areas
  • Paint all wall surfaces – please provide latex wall paint or sample for matching, or we can provide basic white
  • Optional: second coat required if color is being changed
  • Optional: paint baseboards/casing/crown
  • Optional: paint ceiling

Concierge Service

  • Begin with two hours with a professional organizer – sort out what to keep, what to purge, and discuss how to store and organize your wardrobe and other belongings for maximum efficiency and convenience.
  • On installation day, we’ll remove the contents of your closet(s) to the location in your home of your choice, for the duration of the work.
  • We’ll provide portable hanging racks and/or folding tables as needed
  • Complete Patch and Paint service, above
  • Thorough cleaning of all remaining surfaces
  • Upon completion of the closet installation, we’ll help replace your wardrobe in your new closet(s) along with your professional organizer – compete turnkey service!