Construction Options

Unlike most closet and storage companies, we can make almost anything! Our most common construction method includes drawer units and shelf sections that rest on the floor, with hanging sections mounted to the wall with partial vertical partitions.  This arrangement provides the best combination of function and price, and provides a built-in look without being overwhelming (or overwhelmingly expensive).

We also offer all floor-mounted construction for a more fully built-in look, and we’ve developed ways to streamline the entire process from measuring to installation to ensure a perfect fit to out-of level floors without any cutting required on site:

Adding full backs and moldings to a floor-mounted closet creates the ultimate in custom built-in style:

We usually suggest all wall-hung shelving for pantries and linen closets, and we can provide all wall-hung closet installations as well, more often for a reach-in closet, but it can be done in a walk-in closet as well:

For garages and other potentially wet floors we utilize adjustable aluminum legs to keep our shelving up off the floor while still providing rock-solid support:

Additionally, we can create the look of built-in custom cabinetry for a fraction of the price of fully custom cabinets.  This option is perfect for butler’s pantries, laundry rooms, sitting rooms, hallway nooks, and even home offices and media centers.

In other words, when it comes to Closets and Storage, if it can be done, chances are we’ve done it!